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Protest Posters 2

Graphis Competition 2021

Title. Thermal Face Recognition

Author. © Paco Macías Velasco.

Country. México.


Thermal Face Recognition

Thermal face recognition

I do not completely agree with facial biometric recognition through a digital system.

even if it is a system to identify criminals, that seems good to me, but there is a danger of being used with other purposes by totalitarian governments.

In this covid pandemic 19, where some countries intend to add thermal infrared to locate possible suspects of carrying the coronavirus when detected with temperatures above normal, that fact alone for specialists in Human Rights is a frank violation of Human Rights.

To graphically make my position regarding this digital facial and thermal recognition system.

I used the Mona Lisa painting that we all know is exhibited in the Louvre museum in Paris and with the purpose of attracting attention from the use of this system, the Mona Lisa was placed under remote scanning, being identified and detected with 39º Celsius, in the painting there is a montage of people with face masks and some images of the coronavirus around the famous painting, being suspected of being infected by coronavirus.

This is an image that reflects the pandemic times that we are living, the sense of humor is one of the best palliatives given the very difficult circumstances that all of us are going through, physical and mental health problems, economic and family, very soon this it will pass and will be remembered as one more anecdote of our passage through this life, we will certainly cry and laugh.


Paco Macías Velasco

+1 55 1498 5864

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