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Protest Posters 2

Graphis Competition 2021

Title. Don´t Kill me

Author. © Paco Macías Velasco. Country. México.

Don´t kill me

The message is clear, do not kill me or injury due to inattention while driving, it is addressed to all drivers, from the perspective of pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, motorists, and truck or bus drivers. This message tries to attract attention to this health problem worldwide.


The skull made with toy vehicles, motorcycles, automobiles, trucks and buses, helps to synthesize the strength of the message at the scale of vehicles as if they were life-size.

Death is at the wheel of any motor vehicle, if a vehicle is not driven with full attention on the road with full awareness of the criminal and civil liability involved.


I hope that some public or private organization wants to use this poster to help reduce the high numbers of deaths and permanent injuries that are happening around the world.


Paco Macías Velasco

+1 55 1498 5864

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