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Protest Posters 2

Graphis Competition 2021

Title. Someone, somewhere

         is watching you

Author. © Paco Macías Velasco.

Country. México.

Someone 2.jpg

Someone, somewhere,is watching you.

There is no longer such a thing as privacy, since the internet emerged with the www (world wide web) and with it the interconnectivity between electronic devices, facial recognition and your profile data captured by social media platforms and where anyone can see your profile and know your entertainment, sexual, religious or political preferences, plus the fact that any hacker with the minimum of digital skills can penetrate your camera devices and observe you without you noticing it.

Added to this, the applications that we accept and download on our cell phone, authorizing them to track us and locate us no matter where we live on the planet, does it also authorize them to violate our privacy?

The era of the "Big Brother" from George Orwell's 1984 dystopic novel is here and it came without asking us if we want it or not.

I designed this poster with the intention of drawing attention to this issue.

Some time I read out there that a "POSTER IS LIKE A SCREAM ON THE WALL" under that postulate I designed this poster.


Paco Macías Velasco

+1 55 1498 5864

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